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I have been teaching about angels for a very long time now. I have dealt with my personal angel since I was fourteen years old when he started talking to me. Of course, way back when, you just didn’t go around telling people that you have an angel talking to you and even though I was a young teen, I got it. You keep this information to yourself.

In metaphysics it is believed that we are all born with three personal guardian angels and three spirits guides that are here to help each one of us. But the “law of non-interference” states that they cannot interfere with our free will and choices unless we specifically ask for assistance. I tell my students it is like having a butler, maid, cook and chauffeur on staff and they sit at the kitchen table having coffee waiting for you to tell them what to do. They are there, but not doing their jobs!

Angels wait to assist us and I think they must have an extreme amount of patience not to interfere when they know we are making a mistake or not taking an important opportunity for our best interest – but that’s what they do.

So, it is important to deal with them every day. I personally ask to be brought opportunities and people into my life who would be in my best interest, and so far it has worked out well. Yes, I’ve made mistakes along the way because I didn’t think the opportunities were right for me and I’ve been disappointed some time later to see that “they” were right and that my judgment was colored by emotional responses of what I “thought” I wanted.

The first thought that comes to your mind about anything (after asking assistance from them) is always the right thing to do. You have free will so you can do whatever you feel is appropriate for you; however, give the answer that comes to your mind first a second thought and reflect upon it. What would be the ramifications of taking that path? Would it be in your best interest? Would it be a risk worth taking? Think of these things before making a decision.

You may also ask the name of your angel if you go into meditation — or you can get ready for bed and once your head is on the pillow, close your eyes and ask (out loud or silently) that you would like to know the name(s) of your personal angels. The names will come into your mind. Don’t be discouraged if it takes several tries – sometimes, we just don’t believe the names that come into our minds and we dismiss them. Hear them and know that they are your angels’ names.

Ask for assistance in being safe while driving/traveling to your destination. Ask that the police don’t see your speeding by; ask that your family and you are healthy and safe and that you will always make the best decisions for all involved. Your angels can help you with whatever you can imagine.

You have all the power of the universe on your side, it would be sad if you didn’t use it.

Angels Continued…

It is so wonderful to know that angels surround us and are always here for us no matter what the problem or concern.  Many pray to angels for guidance, or for such things as good opportunities, improving health, meeting a romantic partner, protecting their children, etc.  There are many reasons to pray to angels.

But what do angels do for us?

They are here to guide us along life’s bumpy roads and to assist us when we feel as if we need an additional helping hand.  Angels are really not here just to tell us what we should do with our lives because after all, we were blessed (or cursed, depending upon your point of view) with free will.

They can help us become aware of otherwise inconspicuous opportunities or give us deep insight into an issue that had been troubling us.  Angels help with giving you (what I like to call) “super intuition” so you know in an instant if something seems right or if things seem just a little too good to be true.

Is it true that there is an angel for every building and plane?

I have heard this many times and it seems as if it should be true, but I have no proof.  I guess one would have to go on faith.  I personally asked if this was true, what happens to all of those in plane crashes or who died in the Twin Towers and my answer from Angel experts were that the angels were there to help the souls cross over easily.  Transition was seamless. That does seem to be a good use of their time.

Is it true that Nature Spirits report directly to the Angels?

In the hierarchy of Angels, Nature Spirits, such as fairies, pixies, gnomes, trolls, etc., do report directly to the angels.  They work with Mother Nature to make the flowers bloom in the spring and carry the cool spring currents which allow seeds to glide and land in various places;  they keep the grasses green and keep the flowers vibrant in the summer as well as try to keep the water levels high enough to keep the flora from wilting!  Nature Spirits help the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall and aid the tree in pulling back its chlorophyll into the tree trunks and thereby getting them ready for a long winter’s hibernation.  In the winter, the Nature Spirits guide the snow, wind, freezing temperatures and regulate ice storms, icicles, and the melting of this frozen form of water.

Why can’t I see Nature Spirits?

Some people can see them and it’s a delightful sight to see them aiding our planet.  I always say why can some people see Angels and others not?  It’s the same truth for the Nature Spirits.  Be open to them and ask them to show themselves.  They are very shy but if they know you are Nature Spirit friendly, they may surprise you and let you get a glimpse of them one day while you are in the yard or garden.

Can a soul of a loved one who has passed become an angel?

No.  Angels are another life stream and cannot be your Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle or any other relative.  They can; however, become a spirit guide until it is their time to reincarnate to another earthly body.

Is it wrong to ask that my loved one stay with me when they have passed?

If you are doing it out of love, how can it be wrong?  Most spirits stay earthbound because of the emotional bond between them and a family member.  They feel as if they have to help their family who was left behind and who is emotionally spent.  The best thing is to accept the death as soon as you feel it is appropriate for you (it can be up to a year or more) and wish your loved one well on their journey through the 12 planes of Heaven. You must tell them that you are now able to move on without them and that they must do the same. They must move forward.

Can Mediums give me messages from my Angels?

Many can and many are charlatans.  Beware!  Just be sure that it is a reputable channel or medium that you have contacted because they can say anything and how would you know that it is the truth?  If you really need to know what your angel is trying to tell you – meditate, pray, or just be still and listen!  You can always tell if you are hearing Heavenly prayers or wishes.  If it feels uncomfortable or wrong to you, then you may have been tapping into something else which may be considered negative.  Angels never lead you astray or hurt you (or anyone), so if you feel you are getting messages that may be considered “wrong”, then you can be assured you are not getting heavenly or Angelic advice or direction.  However, most people can sense their angels and know what to do after asking for guidance, so try it.

Is there anything else I should know about Angels?

I think trusting their judgment is important and you will get this as you become more involved with them and you see the results of their input.  Angels are always willing to listen to you and are waiting to help you in any way they can.  You are a Light Being and they want to assist you get “the experiment” here on Earth so that your soul can be a more educated one when it progresses to the next level. 

What if they don’t answer my prayers?

I hear this a lot from my students.  Not all prayers can be answered and some of them can’t be answered for your own good.  Maybe it is not the right time for your wishes to be brought into your life – maybe you are meant for another experience or another path.  Just keep praying and keep the faith.  Whatever you need will be there for you at the appropriate time.


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by Vikki Anderson


Making choices and decisions is what our

time upon this Earth is all about.

What school or profession.

To get married or not.

To have or not have children…


Our choices in life is what

our time on this Earth will reveal

to you in your next life

Were we wise?

Did we have good judgment?

Did we bring happiness and love to others?

Were we caring enough to forego

our own needs for that of a loved one

or stranger?


Choices make us who we are today-

Who we were several hundred years ago

and what we will become centuries from now.


Choose your choices well

For you will live with them

For all eternity.

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The Child

by Vikki Anderson


Crying, the never ending

distraught child

Who constantly has to control

others by her tears

To get what she wants to her end

Never thinking that others

have needs too.


Crying, the ever pretending

distraught child

Who needs to have her will exerted

To be considered the dominant

factor in any relationship

Which has destroyed the ones she loves

The ones that used to love her.


Crying, the ever revengeful

distraught child

Who goes about the wrong way

to get attention

And has people hating her more

each day.

Poor crying distraught child

No one cares about her anymore.

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Spring Time

by Vikki Anderson

Bursting forth new life springs

up through the white covered ground-

Purples and yellows border the edge of the snow

drifting along the roadways and lonely country trails-

begging for some recognition after the bleak and

baring season of cold, white gloom.


They rejoice at the warmth breaking

through the ground has caused upon

their brightly colored apparel

Showing off to see who has weathered

the winter the best and who has

survived the many years behind them.


The new life bursts forth

amid the landscape of white and

adds a feeling of hope and beauty to

this new found season of Spring.


He too should burst forth in this

new season with love and gay

apparel and forgive and forget all hurt.

Spring is the new life and new beginnings

that we all need after the dismal winter we’ve endured.


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by Vikki Anderson

For Sam


Black shadows creep slowly over the white landscape

as the dead sentinels stand in silent sorrow of a soul just recently departed.

The shadows contort relentlessly making grotesque shapes on the ground

while the sun tries to let light into the memories of those contemplating their loss.

Instead, clouds shroud the sun as tears continue to fall from loved ones’ eyes

as the shadows slither into nothingness enveloped by the earth

as was his soul.

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Remembering 9/11

by Vikki Anderson

It was one of the most horrific sites I had ever personally seen.  I was working at Tycom in Morristown, on the day of September 11, 2001.  One boss told me to turn on the TV in my bosses office and I did.  It looked like a plane accidentally hit the Twin Towers.  Then the second one came into the other tower.  Everyone was glued to the TV sets in the cafeteria.  From our cafe’s windows, we could see the Twin Towers and the planes that had crashed into The World Trade Center.  It is something I will never forget.

However, what about the families who have to endure this tragic anniversary each year?  What must they have gone through and what a horrible reminder of that day with each special 9/11 event that is planned.

I pray to God that she/he heals all of the families who lost relatives and friends on that day and that she/he can bring peace of mind, body, and spirit to them.  Moreover, I hope God can heal the souls who were so tragically taken so quickly and yet others so painfully away on that day and that they are at peace in Heaven and with other loved ones who had passed before them.

Bless everyone who has had any loss on that horrific day and pray for those who have to deal with that loss every day of their lives.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you and may God, in her/his infinite wisdom and love, protect you and yours for the rest of your lives.

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A Positive Viewpoint (Affirmations)

by Vikki Anderson

It is crazy, but a lot of the negativity broadcast through our air waves, internet or printed in the media about our country and the world can drain our energy and keep it at extremely low levels for long periods of time. It is also true that the more we stay around negative people (or ones who are quick to recite all the disasters and problems in the world), our negativity multiples, even on an unconscious level. This unfortunately drains your auric field, which in turn can make you vulnerable to illnesses, depression, a lack of psychic protection, sleepless nights, anxieties, fears, doubts and worries.

Stay around positive people or those who have an optimistic outlook even through despair and pain. Be open to inviting new friends or associates into your life who seem to be on your same path towards enlightenment or looking for the good in life rather than the obstacles and problems. Join spiritual groups or at least read their literature and see if their words ring true to you. (Only you would know this). Be an example of how people should deal with disappointment and obstacles by dealing with the situation head on and as it unfolds in front of you rather than projecting of how life will be next year or the year after, etc.

Being a hypnotherapist, I truly believe that our affirmations can change or guide our minds to a calmer and more positive place, so here are a few of them you may wish to consider using:

I am relaxed and confident and in full control of my emotions at all times.

I am calm and relaxed and deal with one issue at a time logically and efficiently.

I am ready to face any challenges that come my way with a positive attitude and loving heart.

I am grateful for all of my experiences which make me grow on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

I am grateful for (fill in the blank).

I am in full control of my destiny, my life and actions at all times.

I am a positive spiritual being which resonates with the Spirit of God.

Everything that I attract to me is for my positive growth, well-being and full potential as a human being.

For the good of all involved, I would like to attract health, wealth and happiness for me and my loved ones.

Say these affirmations at least twenty times per day: while you are driving, walking into work or taking a walk on a beach or the woods, when you are mindlessly food shopping or right before bed.

Make up whichever affirmations make sense to you. Those were just some of the ones I have used throughout the years with my clients and thought I would share them with you.

Have a positive and lovely future.

God bless.